Blinded By The Sparkle

The day you were given your diamond engagement or wedding ring is one of the most memorable moments of your life. With special care and treatment that diamond ring can remain as brilliant as the day you received it.

Most jewelers encourage their customers to remove their jewelry first thing as they arrive home and make it is the last thing that they put on before they leave the house. This saves ‘gunk’ buildup as well as excess wear and tear from doing normal household chores like banging your diamonds and prongs on sinks, dishwashers and washers and dryers. All of these things wear on gold and can flatten and bend prongs. This all can lead to a lost or damaged diamond or gemstone. You should visit a professional jeweler every six months to have your diamonds mountings and setting checked.

To keep your diamond ring in great shape, it needs to be cleaned routinely. Harsh household chemicals, lotions, and hairsprays can cause buildup on your ring, making it look cloudy. Although your jeweler can professionally clean and polish your ring, you can you can also achieve that brand-new sparkle at home by following these easy steps:

1. Use a store-bought jewelry cleaning solution or use a good homemade cleaner which is 1/3 mild liquid soap, water and ammonia

2. Place the ring in the solution and take a soft toothbrush to clean the diamond, taking care to get into all the crevices underneath and in between the setting.

3. Rinse with warm water.

4. Dry with a lint-free cloth.

Tip : Clean your ring away from the sink so you don’t risk it going down the drain.


2 Responses to “Blinded By The Sparkle”

  1. Meredith ~ craftyGAgal Says:

    Last TIP is a must. I am sad to say I have been hunting, aka I lost it, my ring for several months….I try not to think about it. I am almost positive I lost it in the house, but have not found it. Had a odd habit of taking my rings off in my sleep, have looked everywhere. I am praying it did not go down the sink. I am now wearing a beautiful ring that my hubby bought for Christmas but it is not the same. Funny thing is the ring I have on is bigger, more sparkle, more caret,clearer, more $$$ but no where near as special or valueable to me. Like the commercial~ Priceless.Great tips, I have been needing to clean mine, will do it in the livingroom~ lol.M~

  2. goooooood girl Says:

    <>your blog is feel good……<>

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