Diamonds Are Like Flowers

With more brilliance than a traditional Marquise, and more fire than a Princess cut stone, the Calla Diamond stands apart as the unique and timeless expression of love.

Inspired by the butterfly’s love affair with the elegant beauty of the Calla Lily Flower, each diamond is passionately shaped and precision cut to the ideal symmetry to ensure the maximum brilliance. No other diamond shape compares to the sheer romance and unique elegance of this one of a kind cut.

Nelson recreates the beauty of nature in his new design, the Calla Collection.

To see the collection of engagement rings, bridal sets, necklaces and earrings click here.

The first time I saw this collection I was in love. Now only to convince my darling husband I need a new wedding set.

Please leave me a comment on your thoughts about this unique collection.


3 Responses to “Diamonds Are Like Flowers”

  1. Cherished Gifts And Favors Says:

    It is pretty, but I still have my heart set on a princess cut if I ever change my wedding ring. It has been 12 1/2 years and still can’t imagine using a different wedding ring. I’m still so fond of mine.

  2. Bunnies Bridal and More Says:

    There are rings in there collection where the center stone can be a princess and you get the butterflies on the sides. I love those too!

  3. Once A Bride Says:

    i love these!

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