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Straps that Rock

August 8, 2009

Lazaro has hit the mark with another great dress design.

Style: LZ3956

Ivory Silk Radzimir strapless ball gown, beaded and embroidered bodice with double spaghetti straps, A-line skirt with pockets and side and back pleats, chapel train.


Are you a Maggie Bride?

February 1, 2009

Ever since I started looking at bridal magazines I have always been in love with Maggie Sottero wedding dresses. The main reason is most of their collection have a lace up back and to me that is so romantic yet sexy. Here is one of their dresses that I really like. It is called the Nevaya. I like how many different elements are included. Maybe you will too.

One-piece, strapless gown with a full bustled skirt and lace-up closure. Shining in Lustrous Satin and embellished embroidered lace, this style features bustles cascading down the side hip, creating a draping effect on the front of the skirt. Bustles are also featured at the back of the gown. Embellished cap-sleeves or a 3/4 sleeve satin jacket are available with this style.

You can view their entire collection here. If you are a Maggie Bride let me know which one you love.

Diamonds Are Like Flowers

January 18, 2009

With more brilliance than a traditional Marquise, and more fire than a Princess cut stone, the Calla Diamond stands apart as the unique and timeless expression of love.

Inspired by the butterfly’s love affair with the elegant beauty of the Calla Lily Flower, each diamond is passionately shaped and precision cut to the ideal symmetry to ensure the maximum brilliance. No other diamond shape compares to the sheer romance and unique elegance of this one of a kind cut.

Nelson recreates the beauty of nature in his new design, the Calla Collection.

To see the collection of engagement rings, bridal sets, necklaces and earrings click here.

The first time I saw this collection I was in love. Now only to convince my darling husband I need a new wedding set.

Please leave me a comment on your thoughts about this unique collection.

Blinded By The Sparkle

November 21, 2008

The day you were given your diamond engagement or wedding ring is one of the most memorable moments of your life. With special care and treatment that diamond ring can remain as brilliant as the day you received it.

Most jewelers encourage their customers to remove their jewelry first thing as they arrive home and make it is the last thing that they put on before they leave the house. This saves ‘gunk’ buildup as well as excess wear and tear from doing normal household chores like banging your diamonds and prongs on sinks, dishwashers and washers and dryers. All of these things wear on gold and can flatten and bend prongs. This all can lead to a lost or damaged diamond or gemstone. You should visit a professional jeweler every six months to have your diamonds mountings and setting checked.

To keep your diamond ring in great shape, it needs to be cleaned routinely. Harsh household chemicals, lotions, and hairsprays can cause buildup on your ring, making it look cloudy. Although your jeweler can professionally clean and polish your ring, you can you can also achieve that brand-new sparkle at home by following these easy steps:

1. Use a store-bought jewelry cleaning solution or use a good homemade cleaner which is 1/3 mild liquid soap, water and ammonia

2. Place the ring in the solution and take a soft toothbrush to clean the diamond, taking care to get into all the crevices underneath and in between the setting.

3. Rinse with warm water.

4. Dry with a lint-free cloth.

Tip : Clean your ring away from the sink so you don’t risk it going down the drain.

Underneath Your Dress

November 13, 2008

Many dresses need to be worn with a bustier instead of a strapless bra because of a dip in the back of the bodice. Select a very smooth microfiber bustier with no visible boning. The nice thing about a bustier is that it smooths out the tummy as well as functioning as a bra. The boning also helps to keep you from slouching!

To make sure that you are doing your gown justice, be careful to pick the right undergarments. An easy way to find the best fit is to bring along an assortment to your first bridal gown fitting and try them all on. The attendants at the bridal shop will be more than happy to help you find the ideal undergarments to make your wedding dress look perfect.

One brand is the Milili White Seamless Bustier Style 8002


It is a molded strapless bustier that is seamless with hidden underwire and molded cups. The bustier is also boned for support. Adjustable opening in back has 3 horizontal and 9 vertical eye hooks. Comes with removeable clear straps.It is made from 90% Nylon 10% Spandex.

Size Tip: Because it is bustier, your normal band size might be too small. For example, if you normally wear 32 B, you may need 34 B.

Also perfect for bridemaids, formal, prom, cruise, evening and many more.

I am currently running a sale on this bustier.



Wedding Dress Goes Floral

November 12, 2008

This is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful wedding dresses I have seen. It is made by Lazaro from their Spring 2008 collection style number LZ3819.


It is described as Floral hand embroidered organza over sherbert tulle gown, curved neckline, elongated torso with circular skirt, chapel train. Detachable tulle train with cascading petals and flower corsage.



This dress is perfect for the bride who wants to show off her features yet still has some fullness to her dress. The colors of the embroidry are calm and relaxing. I love that the tulle train is detachable.

Also available is a matching veil style number L819..and paired with the dress..WOW.


Are you keeping everyone HAPPY?

September 6, 2008

The secret to a joyful celebration is remembering all the other people involved in your day. Here are a few ideas that will make you bride of the year.

1. Treat your attendants like the friends they are and not like servants.

2. Trust your mom with at least one major job(working with the florist, tracking RSVP’s.

3. Ask your dad’s opinion about something important – the menu, the wine, whether Aunt Velma will be offended if the band plays heavy metal, whatever – so he knows he is a vital part of the day and not just a check writing machine.

4. Let your vendors do what they do best; resist the urge to micromanage.

5. Create a registry that fits everyone’s budget; include some group gifts.

6. Choose outfits that all of your bridesmaids can afford.

7. Limit the break between the ceremony and reception to no more than one hour.

8. Arrange pre- and post- reception transportation for guests who can’t- or don’t want to- drive.

9. Personally greet every guest at the ceremony or reception.

10. Make sure the music isn’t so loud that it drowns out conversation.

11. Have cool drinks, fans, and shade ready, if hot weather is in the forecast.

12. Offer a vegetarian entree choice if you know several guest are not meat eaters.

13. It’s a long day for everyone, so start on time and keep the toasts to a minimum.

14. Don’t forget to feed your photographer and the band; sandwiches are just fine.

15. Be kind to the singles. Don’t throw them all together at one big table – being unmarried or dateless isn’t a conversation starter. Instead, seat them with people, unaccompanied or not, who share similar interests or backgrounds and with whom they’ll be compatible.