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Present Protector

September 14, 2008

Set your gift table at your reception site near the door and have an attendant monitor it. Better safe then sorry as unattended present/cards dissappear all too often.


Are you keeping everyone HAPPY?

September 6, 2008

The secret to a joyful celebration is remembering all the other people involved in your day. Here are a few ideas that will make you bride of the year.

1. Treat your attendants like the friends they are and not like servants.

2. Trust your mom with at least one major job(working with the florist, tracking RSVP’s.

3. Ask your dad’s opinion about something important – the menu, the wine, whether Aunt Velma will be offended if the band plays heavy metal, whatever – so he knows he is a vital part of the day and not just a check writing machine.

4. Let your vendors do what they do best; resist the urge to micromanage.

5. Create a registry that fits everyone’s budget; include some group gifts.

6. Choose outfits that all of your bridesmaids can afford.

7. Limit the break between the ceremony and reception to no more than one hour.

8. Arrange pre- and post- reception transportation for guests who can’t- or don’t want to- drive.

9. Personally greet every guest at the ceremony or reception.

10. Make sure the music isn’t so loud that it drowns out conversation.

11. Have cool drinks, fans, and shade ready, if hot weather is in the forecast.

12. Offer a vegetarian entree choice if you know several guest are not meat eaters.

13. It’s a long day for everyone, so start on time and keep the toasts to a minimum.

14. Don’t forget to feed your photographer and the band; sandwiches are just fine.

15. Be kind to the singles. Don’t throw them all together at one big table – being unmarried or dateless isn’t a conversation starter. Instead, seat them with people, unaccompanied or not, who share similar interests or backgrounds and with whom they’ll be compatible.